How Med Spa Treatments Fit with Your Breast Augmentation

Sun damage, wrinkles and sagging skin on the upper part of the chest are common cosmetic concerns for many women. The good news is that these worries can be addressed with nonsurgical treatments that can be added to your breast augmentation. This means that you won’t have to schedule a separate appointment, and your nonsurgical … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments to Embrace a New Year, New You Mantra

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself, too. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a cosmetic treatment or two, put it at the top of your resolution list so you can put your best face forward this year — literally. These are … Read more

3 Ways to Pamper Yourself before the Holidays

The holidays are on the horizon. While we all love celebrating with family and friends, dealing with the logistics of everything (like traveling, hosting dinners, attending parties and shopping) can be downright exhausting. It’s a good idea to indulge in a little pampering before all the chaos. Here are the best procedures to look younger … Read more

How Dysport® Erases Wrinkles without Freezing Your Face

Aging gracefully doesn’t have to mean settling for lines and wrinkles that make you unhappy. On the other hand, nobody wants to look fake or frozen. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Dysport® is FDA-approved to help treat signs of aging without making you look expressionless or overdone.* How Dysport Works Dysport … Read more

Your Essential Guide to Injectables

Injectables have become some of the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the United States, likely because of their convenience. Injectables are often referred to as “lunchtime” procedures, because you can schedule them during your lunch break and return to work immediately after your appointment.* There are a number of options from which to choose when … Read more

Get That Summer Body with CoolSculpting

It’s time to break the ice (literally) with some long, hot summer days. If you have been waiting patiently for warmer weather but are a bit hesitant about the skimpier clothing that comes with the season, have no fear! CoolSculpting can help both men and women get ready to show off their body in bikinis … Read more