Q&A with Dr. Harrington





Can the neck area ( double chin ) be treated by cool sculpting and what is the cost?
Hello and thank you for asking this excellent question! Realizing your question was asked awhile back, I am not exactly sure if the CoolMini was available… READ MORE >



What can I do to make it smaller? (Photo)
Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns and questions on RealSelf. The discomfort you describe is similar to many patients who elect to have… READ MORE >



Can THERMIva or THERMItight address fullness in the mons pubis?

Hello and thank you for asking a great question!

I’m understanding that you would like less fullness or fatty tissue in the mons pubis area, which is a… READ MORE >



If I did CoolScultping on my stomach, would other areas be affected?
Hello and thank you for asking this question. CoolSculpting treatment reduces unwanted fat in the treated area only- which is determined by the placement of… READ MORE >