Lunchtime Rejuvenation: The Power Hour for Your Face & Body

Think you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to treat yourself to a little rejuvenation? Think again!

These popular lunchtime facial and body rejuvenation procedures can be done in an afternoon and don’t require downtime — so you can get right back to your normal schedule.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is naturally found in your own blood and can be used to help stimulate the cell renewal process. So if you are looking for a smoother, more radiant complexion, PRP facial rejuvenation could be right for you.

PRP is combined with microneedling to deliver enhanced results. This treatment typically takes an hour or less.


Some evidence suggests that starting BOTOX sooner in life could help to prevent wrinkles in the future.

Named one of the most popular cosmetic treatments of 2019, BOTOX® can temporarily smooth away lines, wrinkles and creases on your forehead, near your eyes and between your eyebrows. It can also treat a number of medical concerns, from excessive sweating to migraines.

BOTOX injections usually take under 30 minutes to administer and can last 3 to 6 months before a touch-up might be needed.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers have many cosmetic uses, including smoothing lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth, as well as adding volume to your cheeks and lips. Depending on the type of filler you get, these can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months before the product gradually fades away.

Like BOTOX, fillers usually take less than 30 minutes to perform and don’t require downtime.


Looking to get rid of pesky fat in a pinch? Nonsurgical CoolSculpting® can remove stubborn fat in areas like your love handles, belly, hips, thighs and upper arms and requires little to no downtime afterward.

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Lunchtime Rejuvenation: The Power Hour for Your Face & Body
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Lunchtime Rejuvenation: The Power Hour for Your Face & Body
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