Does Your Breast Reduction Include a Breast Lift?

Close-up portrait of a women against dark brick backdrop.

Close-up portrait of a women against dark brick backdrop.If you’re unhappy with the size, shape or position of your breasts, know that there are several options to choose from. The right procedure for you will depend on your specific needs and goals, as well as your natural anatomy.

One of the most common questions that women ask about their breast enhancement options is, “Does breast reduction include a lift?” Find the answer here, as well as a quick rundown of the differences between these popular procedures.

Breast Reduction vs. Breast Lift

As the name suggests, a breast reduction reduces the size of your breasts. But it also repositions your breasts to a higher position on your chest. Because of this, virtually all breast reductions do include a breast lift. During your breast reduction procedure, Dr. Harrington carefully removes excess breast tissue and tightens loose skin, which can help to reduce pain caused by large breasts and create a more youthful silhouette.

During a breast lift, very little tissue is removed, but your breasts will be repositioned higher on your chest wall to create a perkier, youthful look.

How to Tell Which Is Right for You?

A breast reduction may be right for you if the size of your breasts causes pain or discomfort when exercising or wearing certain types of clothing. For some women, large breasts contribute to chronic back, shoulder or neck pain. Others simply want to reduce the size of their breasts for cosmetic reasons.

You don’t necessarily have to have large breasts to be a good candidate for a breast reduction.

A breast lift might be right for you if you’re happy with the overall size of your breasts but are experiencing ptosis, or sagging. Dr. Harrington will help you decide which is right for you during your consultation.


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Does Your Breast Reduction Include a Breast Lift?
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