Should You Worry about Breast Implants Making You Sick?

woman holding implants

woman holding implantsSince the FDA requested that pharmaceutical company Allergan recall certain textured breast implants back in July, some women have questioned whether or not they should have their implants removed.

Despite scary stories online, the risk of your breast implants making you sick is still very low. That said, if you’re experiencing any strange symptoms, it is always best to check in with your doctor. Here’s what you need to know about why the recall happened and which implants were affected.

Which Allergan Breast Implants Were Recalled?

If you do not have one of the recalled models and are not exhibiting any unusual symptoms, there is no evidence that breast implant removal is necessary.

After being linked with 573 cases of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) across the globe, Allergan voluntarily recalled four specific models of textured breast implants, as well as two specific tissue expanders:

  • Natrelle Saline-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle Silicone-Filled breast implants
  • NatrelleInspira Silicone-Filled breast implants,
  • Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle 133 Plus Tissue Expander
  • Natrelle 133 Tissue Expander with Suture Tabs

All of the recalled implants were BIOCELL textured implants. No smooth or Mirocell Allergan implants were affected.

Are Breast Implants Safe?

Current implants that have not been recalled are deemed safe for use to augment breast size by the FDA. However, you know your body better than anyone. So if you feel that something isn’t right, talk to your doctor to be on the safe side.

Unusual symptoms can include—but aren’t limited to—breast pain, swelling, abnormal discharge or breast implant displacement.Note that some tenderness and swelling are expected in the first few months after getting breast implants and are not typically cause for concern.


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Should You Worry about Breast Implants Making You Sick?
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