When Can You Wear a Regular Bra after Breast Surgery?

Prior to your breast enhancement, you probably didn’t quite envision your results in a sports bra. But wearing a special surgical bra after surgery is a crucial step in the healing process and will help to keep you comfy and optimize your results.

So, when should you buy new bras after your breast surgery? Follow this 1-2-3 rule.

  1. Start with Compression

    Directly after your breast augmentation, Dr. Harrington will send you home with your breasts wrapped in an ACE bandage over your tank top for compression. ACE bandages are easier to adjust and provide better comfort during the immediate recovery period. Using ACE bandages for compression can help to reduce swelling, allow your implants to settle into place and help you stay comfortable.

    Regular bras can be too restrictive and could affect the “dropping and fluffing” process, hindering your final outcome. Bras with underwire can be uncomfortable and may irritate your incisions.

  2. Get the Okay to Switch to a Regular Bra

    Plan on wearing a compression bra for several weeks after your breast surgery. Get the green light from Dr. Harrington before switching from a surgical bra to a sports bra, and then from a sports bra to a regular bra. This usually takes around 6 weeks.

    Communicate with your Dr. Harrington to ensure you’re on track for a speedy recovery and amazing results.

  3. Time to Shop!

    If you’ve been given the go-ahead to switch to regular bras but find that your old ones don’t fit, resist the urge to go on a shopping spree. Buy only a few new bras that fit you now, as the size and shape of your breasts can continue to change over the next weeks and months.

Around 6 months after your breast surgery, you should be ready for a professional fitting and the all-out shopping spree you’ve been waiting for.

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When Can You Wear a Regular Bra after Breast Surgery?
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When Can You Wear a Regular Bra after Breast Surgery?
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