Is There One Big Question You Should Ask at a Mommy Makeover Consult?

Mother playfully pushing her children in a laundry basket across the floor.You’re gearing up for your mommy makeover consult and want everything to go as smoothly as it can. So, what should you ask your plastic surgeon — is there some big must-ask question you don’t want to forget? Not exactly, but there are a few that you’ll definitely want to discuss. Jot down several questions you want to ask at your mommy makeover consultation, including these three biggies.

  1. Are My Mommy Makeover Goals Realistic?

    At your consultation, you’ll discuss which procedures you want to include in your mommy makeover and which options you prefer, such as breast implant sizes, profiles and types. Discuss your goals with Dr. Harrington to make sure they are attainable, realistic and right for your natural body shape and proportions.

  2. What Can I Do to Prepare for My Mommy Makeover?

    Many women choose to include breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction in their mommy makeovers.

    Get an idea of your mommy makeover timeline and the steps you should be taking now to ensure excellent results. Be open and honest about all medications and supplements you’re currently taking so that Dr. Harrington can provide accurate information about what’s okay to keep taking and what you’ll need to put on hold for a little while.

  3. When Will I See Results?

    It’s a good idea to discuss your results upfront so there are no surprises later. This can help you avoid stressing about why you’re not seeing the results you’d expected at week two or another milestone.

Ask questions about what you can expect during your mommy makeover recovery, how much time to take off work and when you might be ready to debut your new look with a new wardrobe.


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Is There One Big Question You Should Ask at a Mommy Makeover Consult?
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Is There One Big Question You Should Ask at a Mommy Makeover Consult?
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