Why There Isn’t a “Best Age” to Have Breast Reduction Surgery


HarringtonWhen considering if breast reduction surgery could be right for you, your exact age matters much less than what stage of life you are currently in.

For example, a younger woman might decide that it is best to get a breast reduction before settling down and focusing on her family. Alternatively, a woman going through menopause who has already completed her family may find that now is the right time to focus on herself.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your breast reduction surgery that have little to do with your age.

Consider Family Planning and Breastfeeding

Some women choose to get a breast reduction prior to having children so they can feel comfortable and confident in themselves before starting a family

If you are thinking about starting a family in the near future and the ability to breastfeed is important to you, you may want to hold off on your breast reduction surgery. While it is possible to breastfeed after getting a breast reduction, this procedure can lower your chances of being able to breastfeeding.

Other Life Changes That Can Affect Breast Size

Hormonal changes that come along with pregnancy, weight gain and menopause can cause your breasts to become even larger, worsening the problem. So you may want to opt for a breast reduction sooner rather than later so you are not dealing with even more excess tissue.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Your Breast Reduction

Many women find that they are more comfortable working with a female plastic surgeon for their breast reduction journey. If this is the case for you, look for a reputable, board-certified female plastic surgeon in your area who has ample experience with breast procedures.

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Why There Isn’t a “Best Age” to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
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Why There Isn’t a “Best Age” to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
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