What’s Drop & Fluff? 3 Breast Augmentation Terms Explained

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You’re searching online for a top female plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation and you come across a few interesting terms. What do they mean, and why do they keep popping up in your research? Don’t worry – here are the top three breast augmentation terms you need to know and why they’re so important.

  1. Drop and Fluff

    “Dropping and fluffing” happens gradually, usually within the first 3 to 4 months after breast augmentation. When your implants “drop,” they settle into a lower, more natural-looking position on your chest. Before this happens, you might have noticed your implants “riding high,” which is completely normal during recovery.

    The “fluff” part describes your implants softening up and rounding out. Think of it like fluffing up a pillow that might have otherwise been a little hard and maybe misshapen.

  2. Unders and Overs

    This is something you’ll want to talk with your plastic surgeon about during your breast enhancement consultation, and has to do with the placement of your implants.

    “Unders” (submuscular) are placed under your chest muscle and natural breast tissue, while “overs” (subglandular) are placed over your chest muscle, but under your breast tissue.

    If you have only a small amount of natural breast tissue, you might want to go with submuscular placement.

  3. Bottoming Out

    “Bottoming out” sometimes occurs during the breast augmentation recovery process. It happens when the breast pocket isn’t able to support the weight of your breast implants, making them look like they’re sliding down your chest.

Talk to your plastic surgeon if you think your breast implants are bottoming out. Revision surgery may be needed to correct this issue.


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What’s Drop & Fluff? 3 Breast Augmentation Terms Explained
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What’s Drop & Fluff? 3 Breast Augmentation Terms Explained
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