Should You Do Something to Help Your Breast Implants Settle?

Your procedure went well, you’ve made it home, now what? Should you massage your breasts? How should you sleep? These are common questions many women ask about their recovery process. This quick guide should help you figure out what to do after breast augmentation for smooth and effective healing.

Massage after Breast Implants

You might have heard that massaging your breasts after getting implants can be beneficial. Some evidence suggests it may help to lower the risk of capsular contracture. However, every plastic surgeon is going to have a different protocol when it comes to aftercare tips like breast massage, so make sure you ask them before trying anything.

If you are going to try massaging your breasts, do so gently for about 5 minutes at a time. Again, ask your plastic surgeon about the proper technique to use before starting.

Sleeping and Breast Augmentation Recovery

Avoid sleeping on your stomach while recovering from breast enhancement.

Your plastic surgeon will likely ask that you keep your upper body elevated while you sleep and relax at home, at least for the initial stage of breast augmentation recovery. You can try sleeping in a recliner or propped up on pillows in bed. Some women find that using a body pillow can help them stay comfortable throughout the night. 

Post-Surgery Bra Choices

Your plastic surgeon may ask you to wear a special surgical bra to help with swelling and encourage the healing process. Otherwise, make sure you ask them what type of bra they recommend. Generally speaking, you want to wear a supportive sports bra without underwire until your incisions have healed.


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Should You Do Something to Help Your Breast Implants Settle?
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Should You Do Something to Help Your Breast Implants Settle?
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