Why a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation May Be Right for You

happy couple smilingDid you know that there’s a way to have a breast augmentation without getting implants?Fat transfer breast augmentation is a natural breast enlargement option for women who are interested in boosting their breast volume without going the implant route. But is fat transfer augmentation the right procedure for you?

A Subtle Boost

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses your body’s own fat to lend volume to your breasts. Your plastic surgeon first performs liposuction on the parts of your body where you have excess fat. That fat is then transferred to your breasts. It’s important to note that not all of the fat that’s transferred will survive.Therefore, your initial results from fat transfer breast augmentation will reveal fuller breasts thanyour final results, leaving you with a subtle boost in volume.*

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a two-step cosmetic procedure that involves liposuction and fat transfer.

A Symmetrical Solution

Breast asymmetry is a common conundrum for women, and fat transfer breast augmentation can offer a solution. When one breast is significantly larger than the other, transferring fat to the smaller breast can help to balance out the chest for a more proportionate look.

Putting a Final Touch on Breast Implants

Some women choose fat transfer breast augmentation because the procedure can help soften the look of breast implants. For example, implants can sometimes wrinkle or ripple. Adding an additional layer of fat to the breasts can camouflage these concerns. Other women choose fat transfer breast augmentation to add a bit more volume to their breasts after a traditional breast augmentation with implants. Whatever your reasons for choosing fat transfer breast augmentation, be sure to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon for optimal results.


Why a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation May Be Right for You
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Why a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation May Be Right for You
Curious about fat transfer breast augmentation? Twin Cities board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Harrington of explains the procedure.
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