How Med Spa Treatments Fit with Your Breast Augmentation

Sun damage, wrinkles and sagging skin on the upper part of the chest are common cosmetic concerns for many women. The good news is that these worries can be addressed with nonsurgical treatments that can be added to your breast augmentation. This means that you won’t have to schedule a separate appointment, and your nonsurgical … Read more

What Should You Stock Up on before a Mommy Makeover?

After your mommy makeover, expect to take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to rest, recover and heal at home. While tenderness, discomfort, swelling and bruising will gradually diminish over time, there are some post-op mommy makeover tips you can follow to make yourself comfortable in the first few days after your procedure. To get … Read more

Why There Isn’t a “Best Age” to Have Breast Reduction Surgery

When considering if breast reduction surgery could be right for you, your exact age matters much less than what stage of life you are currently in. For example, a younger woman might decide that it is best to get a breast reduction before settling down and focusing on her family. Alternatively, a woman going through … Read more

Will Your Breast Augmentation Scar Be Obvious in a Bikini?

One of the most common questions that women have before getting breast augmentation is, “What will the scar look like?” While all surgical incisions will leave some amount of scarring, a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to place incisions in such a way that they will be easily hidden beneath a bikini top. This … Read more

How Soon Can You Get a Mommy Makeover after Having a Baby?

One of the most common questions that women ask about a mommy makeover is, “How long do I have to wait after childbirth to get one?” Generally speaking, you’ll need to wait at least six months to give your body time to until you’ve completely recovered from childbirth before getting any kind of elective procedure. … Read more

How Breast Reduction Could Perk Up Your Confidence

Large breasts can not only cause back, neck and shoulder pain, but they can also make some women feel self-conscious and uncomfortable wearing certain clothing or doing certain physical activities. Breast reduction could be a viable solution to all of these concerns, giving you a boost of confidence and other perks, too. Give Your Self-Image a Boost … Read more

3 Dos and Don’ts to Get Ready for Your Mommy Makeover

Preparing for your mommy makeover should be an exciting time. You are taking some time out of your busy schedule to do something nice for yourself that will hopefully help you live your best life. Amid all of the excitement, however, it’s important to make sure your pre-mommy-makeover checklist is complete. Use these quick mommy makeover prep … Read more

The Best Breast Implants to Fit Your Lifestyle

One of the most common questions we get during breast augmentation consultations is, “What’s the best type of breast implant for me?” There are so many different variables that go into answering this question that there’s not a quick cookie-cutter answer. To help you figure out what the best breast implants for you are, consider these three … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments to Embrace a New Year, New You Mantra

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself, too. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a cosmetic treatment or two, put it at the top of your resolution list so you can put your best face forward this year — literally. These are … Read more

How “Tweakments” Can Make Your Mommy Makeover Even Better

Whether you’re looking for cosmetic treatments to add to your surgical mommy makeover or are planning a nonsurgical approach completely, there are lots of “tweakments” to choose from to help you reach your goals. These are just a few of the ways that you can use cosmetic treatments to get the most bang for your … Read more

Should You Worry about Breast Implants Making You Sick?

Since the FDA requested that pharmaceutical company Allergan recall certain textured breast implants back in July, some women have questioned whether or not they should have their implants removed. Despite scary stories online, the risk of your breast implants making you sick is still very low. That said, if you’re experiencing any strange symptoms, it is always … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments that Pair Perfectly with Plastic Surgery

Thinking about pairing your plastic surgery with nonsurgical cosmetic treatments? Using a combination of cosmetic treatments along with plastic surgery may give you the best possible results. With the addition of cosmetic treatments to complement plastic surgery, you could be on your way to looking your best in no time. Profound® RF for Skin Tightening … Read more

3 Breast Enhancement Options Perfect for a Mommy Makeover

After you have children, your priorities shift. Boozy brunches become Saturday soccer practices. Dry shampoo replaces a myriad of hair products. But you’re still you. If you find that your body no longer matches the idea you have of yourself, a mommy makeover with a breast enhancement can help you feel like yourself again. Here are 3 … Read more

Does Your Breast Reduction Include a Breast Lift?

If you’re unhappy with the size, shape or position of your breasts, know that there are several options to choose from. The right procedure for you will depend on your specific needs and goals, as well as your natural anatomy. One of the most common questions that women ask about their breast enhancement options is, … Read more

How Breast Reduction Can Transform Your Breasts

If you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction , you probably have a few questions. Read up on these breast reduction facts to help you get an idea of what you can expect before and after your procedure. Breast Reduction Is Possible for Virtually Any Breast Size  Contrary to popular belief, breast reduction isn’t only for women … Read more

4 Tips for Being Active after Breast Augmentation

Getting up and moving after your breast augmentation can have its benefits, but you do need to make sure you’re not overdoing it. These four tips should give you a better idea of what kind of exercise restrictions you’re looking at after breast augmentation and how to ease your body back into your workout routine. Give Yourself … Read more

Breast Augmentation Anesthesia – 3 Big Questions

We get a lot of questions about anesthesia, especially from women considering breast augmentation. It’s completely natural to feel a little anxious about this aspect of enhancing your breasts, but asking questions and doing a little research are the best ways to give you peace of mind. To get you started, here are the answers … Read more

A Quick Look at Anesthesia Options for Plastic Surgery

Prior to most surgical procedures, some type of anesthesia will be used to control pain and keep you comfortable during the procedure. However, anesthesia for plastic surgery is often one of the biggest concerns that people mention during their consultation. This quick guide should help you ease your worries and better understand your anesthesia options. … Read more

3 Questions to Ask before Your Breast Reduction

Does the size of your breasts ever keep you from exercising, playing sports or wearing certain clothes? Do you end up with sore, red shoulders under your bra straps after a long day? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, a breast reduction could be the solution you’ve been looking for. But before … Read more

Should You Pick a Female Plastic Surgeon for Your Boob Job?

So you’ve decided to get breast implants, but now you’re not sure which plastic surgeon to choose. Picking a top female plastic surgeon is an important factor for many women, especially when planning an intimate procedure like breast augmentation. Look for these three qualities to help you choose the best plastic surgeon for your needs. … Read more

3 Ways to Pamper Yourself before the Holidays

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How Dysport® Erases Wrinkles without Freezing Your Face

Aging gracefully doesn’t have to mean settling for lines and wrinkles that make you unhappy. On the other hand, nobody wants to look fake or frozen. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Dysport® is FDA-approved to help treat signs of aging without making you look expressionless or overdone.* How Dysport Works Dysport … Read more