Will Your Breast Augmentation Scar Be Obvious in a Bikini?

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Harrington - Breast Augmentation - Sweet cleavage in the windowOne of the most common questions that women have before getting breast augmentation is, “What will the scar look like?” While all surgical incisions will leave some amount of scarring, a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to place incisions in such a way that they will be easily hidden beneath a bikini top.

This quick guide will walk you through some of the different breast augmentation incision placement options, as well as what you can do to help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Where Are Breast Augmentation Incisions Located?

Choose a plastic surgeon with an artistic eye and who understands the importance of camouflaging your breast augmentation scar.

There are several breast augmentation techniques, each with their own specific incision placement. One of the most common options is called the inframammary technique, which involves an incision placed in the natural crease under each breast. This technique makes it easy to hide a breast augmentation scar in a bikini.

Other breast implant techniques include periareolar, transaxilliary and the lesser-used TUBA incision.

How to Help Incisions Heal to Minimize Scarring

Surgical technique is not the only factor that can influence how well your scars heal or how hidden they may be. Here’s what you can do during recovery after breast enhancement to help minimize the appearance of your scar:

  • Stay out of the sun during the healing process
  • Wear sunscreen when you are outside
  • Don’t submerge your incisions in water until they’ve fully healed
  • Eat nutritious foods during recovery and drink plenty of water

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Will Your Breast Augmentation Scar Be Obvious in a Bikini?
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