How Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Help after Having a Baby

Baby touching mother's face while sitting together in front of a home window.Bringing a new baby home comes with lots of lovely changes. But if you’re struggling with some of the less welcomed changes to your body after childbirth, you might be seeking a solution that won’t leave you with extensive downtime away from your little one.

If this sounds like you, Viveve® nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation could be an appropriate solution for these common problems.

Improve Stress Urinary Incontinence

Viveve requires a single 30-minute treatment session for results that can last for a year or longer.

Stress urinary incontinence happens when your pelvic floor muscles become weakened — which is often the case after having a baby. This provides less support for your bladder, resulting in those embarrassing leaks when you cough, sneeze or laugh.

Viveve uses what are called cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency waves (CMRF) to gently heat underlying tissue without harming the surface of your skin, creating a tightening and toning effect.

Improve Vaginal Laxity and Dryness

Vaginal laxity is one of the most common concerns for women after childbirth. It can lead to sexual dissatisfaction and self-consciousness. By tightening underlying vaginal tissue, Viveve has been shown to improve vaginal laxity for 12 months or longer.

Vaginal dryness and vaginal laxity often go hand-in-hand. Viveve has also been shown to improve vaginal lubrication, sensation and sexual satisfaction.

How Soon after Childbirth Can I Get Viveve?

It’s typically recommended that you wait at least six months after giving birth to have your Viveve procedure. This ensures that your body has had adequate time to heal and recover before beginning your treatment.


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How Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Help after Having a Baby
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How Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Help after Having a Baby
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