Should You Work Out before a Mommy Makeover for an Easier Recovery?

Two women working out together.

Two women working out together.There’s a lot that goes into planning your mommy makeover. You need to make sure you’re prepared, mentally and physically. You have to find the best surgeon, line up help for your recovery and make sure all of your questions are answered. But what about working out? Should that factor into your mommy makeover prep?

Should You Work Out before Surgery?

The answer is simple — absolutely! If you’re healthy, you should absolutely be using the time before your mommy makeover to prepare with a workout routine. According to the Washington Post, those awaiting elective surgery, like a mommy makeover, should take advantage of their prep time to get or stay in shape.

Why Is Working Out Important?

The weeks before your surgery is no time to slack off with your exercise routine.

Think of your mommy makeover as a marathon. You wouldn’t try to tackle those 26.2 miles without training, right? The same goes for your mommy makeover procedure. Strengthening your muscles, building up your endurance and stretching — even for just 20 minutes a day — could impact your recovery and give you an advantage in healing after your procedure.

What Else Can I Do to Prepare?

Working out is just part of the prep. Eating a healthy diet, staying adequately hydrated and quitting smoking before your mommy makeover can all help make your surgery and recovery run smoother. And, of course, you need to find the best female plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Harrington, ask all of your burning questions and be prepared to follow her instructions for best results.

So lace up those runners, hop on the spin bike or take a lap in the pool. The type of exercise you do before your mommy makeover isn’t as important as getting out there and getting moving.


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Should You Work Out before a Mommy Makeover for an Easier Recovery?
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Should You Work Out before a Mommy Makeover for an Easier Recovery?
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