7 Questions You Should Ask at Your Geneveve™ Consult

If you don’t quite feel like yourself after pregnancy, childbirth or simply the effects of the natural aging process, you’re not alone. Many women feel self-conscious about the way their vaginal region looks or feels after a major change in their lives, which can have a negative impact on their body image and confidence.

Fortunately, there is an innovative nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment called Geneveve™ by Viveve® that can help you to get your old self back and regain confidence in the way your body looks and feels. The first step to achieving this goal is to schedule a consultation with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Prior to your consultation, prepare a few questions to help you get the most out of your appointment. Here are a few commonly asked questions about Geneveve™ that you may want to bring up to help you better understand the procedure and determine if this vaginal tightening treatment is right for you.

1. Who Is a Good Candidate?

Because vaginal laxity can lead to reduced sexual satisfaction and a lowered self-esteem, women of nearly any age may benefit from a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Thus, most women who experience any amount of vaginal laxity can be great candidates for Geneveve™ nonsurgical vaginal tightening. Ideally, however, you will be good physical health and be looking to improve your confidence and overall wellness without requiring a more extensive surgical procedure.

At your Geneveve™ consultation, your plastic surgeon will listen to your goals and provide an evaluation of your physical needs to help you decide if Geneveve™ is the right choice for you.

If the size or appearance of your inner or outer vaginal lips is also a concern, your plastic surgeon may recommend a labiaplasty for more complete results. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that carefully and delicately removes and reshapes excess tissue that can create discomfort or feelings of self-consciousness.

2. How Does Geneveve™ Work?

Geneveve™ uses innovative technology known as cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency, or CMRF. This means that the vaginal tightening device heats the targeted tissue in order to stimulate collagen production, while simultaneously providing a cooling sensation to maximize your comfort throughout the procedure.

This treatment is also the first and only of its kind to use algorithmically-controlled cooling, which ensures that you receive the exact level of heating and cooling necessary to produce optimal results.

Because of this precise cooling method, Geneveve™ is a very comfortable and pain-free procedure.  Most women report experiencing only mild heating and cooling sensations during their treatment session, without any uncomfortable side effects afterwards.

3. What Are the Benefits?

There are a number of benefits that come along with revolutionary Geneveve™ vaginal tightening, which is why so many women are now asking about this procedure. Just some of the ways that Geneveve™ may be able to help you look and feel more like yourself include:

  • Improved vaginal laxity due to pregnancy, childbirth, aging or other factors
  • Increased sexual satisfaction and comfort
  • Improved confidence and a renewed sense of self
  • Quick and comfortable, single-session treatment

During your Geneveve™ consultation, be sure to discuss your specific goals with your plastic surgeon so that he or she understands what you’d like to get out of this procedure and better determine if Geneveve™ can help you reach your individual goals.

4. How Long Will Geneveve™ Take to Perform?

Many women are surprised to learn that Geneveve™ is a quick and easy procedure that only takes about 30 minutes to complete. As an added bonus, most women only require one treatment session to achieve their full results, which is not always the case for other nonsurgical treatment options.

At your consult, your plastic surgeon will explain the details of the procedure with you, as well as provide some instructions for how to prepare for your appointment and what you can expect in the days and weeks following your vaginal rejuvenation appointment.

5. Is There Downtime?

Unlike a surgical procedure, Geneveve™ vaginal tightening does not require any downtime following your treatment session.

You can easily schedule Geneveve™ into a free afternoon or even your lunch break, and return to work or your other regular activities immediately afterwards.

In addition, most women don’t experience any lingering discomfort, thanks to the unique CMRF heating and cooling method used during your procedure.

6. When Will I See Results?

Although you might notice some immediate tightening effects directly after your Geneveve™ appointment, most women see their full results within three months following treatment. This is because Geneveve™ works by stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen, a key protein in your skin that provides its firm, youthful structure. This process will happen over time, gradually revealing your final results.

Clinical trials for Geneveve™ have shown that most women are able to enjoy the same tighter, more comfortable look and feel for 12 months or longer, making Geneveve™ a highly effective and long-lasting treatment option for vaginal laxity.

If, after a long period of time or following another pregnancy, you feel that you could benefit from an additional treatment, Geneveve™ is safe and gentle enough to be repeated down the road to help you maintain the same excellent results.

7. Are There Any Risks?

Clinical trials for Geneveve™ found no adverse side effects associated with this treatment. However, women with a pacemaker or an Automatic Implantable Cardioverty/Defibrillator (AICD) are most likely not candidates for this procedure, so it’s important to disclose this information to your plastic surgeon prior to treatment.

Although adverse effects after Geneveve™ are very unlikely, it is a good idea to discuss your medical and family health history with your plastic surgeon during your Geneveve™ consultation to ensure your safety, comfort and optimum results.