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Breast Lift for Perkier Breasts

Breast lift is one of the plastic surgery procedures that rank especially high in terms of patient satisfaction. The goal of this treatment is to transform sagging, deflated-looking breasts into a perky, youthful bustline. After this treatment, patients often feel more attractive and confident. In addition, they often feel empowered to explore new, more revealing dresses, tops, bathing suits and lingerie. To attain the goal of younger-looking breasts, the surgeon typically creates one incision under the breast and another incision leading up toward the nipple. These incisions are used to remove excess fat, muscle and skin and to gently rearrange the remaining breast tissues. The incisions are then closed, and special bandages are applied to the area. Although the surgical scars appear pink immediately after the procedure, they fade over time and gradually become less noticeable.

Other Elective Medical Procedure Providers – Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is home to many highly skilled elective medical treatment providers. This allows most patients to undergo all of their desired treatments in Minneapolis and eliminates the need to leave town or search for a surgeon in an unfamiliar locale. Thus, the leading plastic surgeons Minneapolis patients consult regarding facelift often also perform rhinoplasty, neck lift and brow lift procedures. Similarly, patients pursuing breast implants in Minneapolis should ask their surgeons whether they perform other procedures, such as liposuction and tummy tuck. In addition, plastic surgeons can be an excellent resource for helping locate other medical providers, such as a skilled, gentle Minneapolis cosmetic dentist or an experienced Minneapolis LASIK surgeon.

Dr. Greenwald

Dr. Joshua Greenwald has earned a reputation as a leading New York City breast implants provider. He also offers a number of body contouring treatments and has helped thousands of individuals seeking liposuction and tummy tuck in NYC achieve a flat, beautiful stomach appearance.

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