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Can Plastic Surgery Help Your Career?

Plastic surgery can help your careerWhether we like to admit it or not, image plays an important role in our daily lives, including in the workplace. How you look and carry yourself can say a lot about you and even open doors to career opportunities. While professional qualifications are essential to landing a job, your appearance and self-confidence are also key.

This is why, as more people have become aware of plastic surgery’s ability to improve their image, the demand has increased. Below, leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Harrington explains in further detail.

Staying Competitive in the Workplace

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), male plastic surgery has surged. One reason why is because many older executives want to stay competitive in an increasingly younger workplace. As more and more recent graduates enter the work world, aging executives want to match their younger, more energetic colleagues and competitors.

Many women also seek a more youthful appearance, believing that it plays a role in landing jobs, raises and promotions. Two of the most requested facial rejuvenation procedures among older executives are facelift and eyelid surgery. Both procedures can help someone look well-rested and more energetic by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. For a quick fix to wrinkles, more and more executives are choosing minimally invasive procedures such as BOTOX and dermal fillers. These two procedures can be performed during a lunch break and require no recovery time.

Plastic Surgery Can Boost Self-Confidence

It’s no secret that confidence is a key factor to success in the workplace. In fact, scientists from the University of Michigan recently found a correlation between confidence and an increase in wages! For most people, their confidence is tied directly to their self-image. The happier a person feels about their appearance, the more they will convey this confidence at work. For example, a woman who is self-conscious about her saggy breasts may try to hide them by slouching, while a woman with lifted, perkier breasts will sit up straight and present herself better to coworkers. Similarly, a man who is embarrassed by his oversize nose may avoid eye contact, making coworkers believe he is unapproachable or even difficult to work with.

For the right reasons, plastic surgery can boost self-confidence and help someone succeed at work. Rhinoplasty can make a person eliminate a bump on the nose or reduce the size of it. Liposuction can eliminate unwanted “love handles,” and make someone feel more comfortable in his or her body. This added sense of self-confidence can boost a person’s performance at work by allowing them to be more focused on succeeding rather than their flaws.

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While professional qualifications are definitely an important factor in landing a job, promotion or raise, how you carry yourself also plays a key role. If there’s a facial or body feature that you are self-conscious about, consider enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence with plastic surgery. To learn more about your plastic surgery options, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Harrington Plastic Surgery. Call (651) 290-7600 today.

Get That Summer Body with CoolSculpting

It’s time to break the ice (literally) with some long, hot summer days. If you have been waiting patiently for warmer weather but are a bit hesitant about the skimpier clothing that comes with the season, have no fear! CoolSculpting can help both men and women get ready to show off their body in bikinis and shorts.

CoolSculpting Eliminates Fat and Improves Trouble Areas

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes fat cells in the areas being treated so that they die and are then eliminated by the body naturally. This treatment can be used on areas of the body that store fat bulges that are resistant to good diet and exercise habits. CoolSculpting is a great alternative to liposuction for people who don’t want to commit to a more invasive body sculpting surgery. CoolSculpting patients often report that they are happier with the leaner, more-toned look of their body — including smoother thighs, a flatter stomach and disappearing love handles.  We also treat back fat, arms, and man boobs.

Treatment That Requires No Downtime

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that involves no needles or stitches. The treatment uses an applicator that is applied to the surface of the skin, drawing fat between two cooling panels where fat cells are then frozen. The treatment is easy and most people report feeling quite comfortable after the first five minutes. In fact, patients are usually so comfortable that they are able to take a nap, read or perform other relaxed activities during their treatment. When the treatment is done, the patient can return to work or other normal daily tasks immediately and without any downtime.

Permanent, Natural-Looking Results

The results of CoolSculpting appear over time, usually with full results visible after four months. Though the results are gradual, most people see results within three weeks — and some start to see changes in their body sooner. This gradual slimming and toning effect mimics the results of natural weight loss and exercise, creating a natural but noticeable difference for you and the people around you. And because the treatment eliminates fat cells, fat bulges treated with CoolSculpting will not return.

Do You Have Questions About CoolSculpting?

Are you ready to start your summer off right? Schedule a CoolSculpting treatment now and watch your trouble areas disappear before your eyes over summer! To learn more about CoolSculpting, contact Harrington Plastic Surgery today by calling (651) 290-7600.

8th Annual Minnesota Snow Run

As you may know, Dr. Jenn and her staff were greatly involved in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in October of 2013. Breast cancer, reserach and women’s health is all very important to the girls of HPS. As a team, we are dedicated to educating both men and woman about the importance of self exams, mammograms and diagnostic testing available. For this reason, we have chosen to sponsor our community events geared towards breast cancer awareness. On January 17th and 18th, 2014, the 8th Annual Minnesota Snow Run will be held in Grand Rapids, MN. This two day event boasts a welcome reception on Friday, and an all day snowmobile ride and silent auction on Saturday. Activies and contests are held throughout the day for non-riders and riders alike.

Harrington Plastic Surgery has chosen to be one of the Minnesota Survivor Sponsors for this event. With our donations, and support, we are able to give one lucky breast cancer survivor a weekend full of fun at this event! If you’re interested in learning more about this event in the beautiful Grand Rapids area, visit the PinkRibbonRiders website by clicking Minnesota 8th Annual Snow Run

Our very own Stephanie Kehoe, will be attending the event as a representative of HPS. She will be at the welcome party, as well as riding on Saturday, and honoring our lucky winners on Saturday evening. If you wish to join our Harrington Plastic Surgery team, sponsor Stephanie with us, send her encouraging words, or if you want to donate to the Pink Ribbon Riders on behalf of Stephanie, visit her page for the event.

Stephanie and Bill at 10,000ft

Stephanie and Bill at 10,000ft

Breasts ‘R’ Us


I am new to this blogging thing, and am very excited to share my thoughts and expertise with you through this venue! My goal is going to be to write a brief note on a different topic every 2 to 3 weeks. Please feel free to let me know if there is something in particular that you would like me to comment on.

I thought I would kick it off with a few thoughts about breasts. Without question the motto in our practice is “Breasts R Us.” I am in my 14th year of practice and have been blessed to be a part of the largest FDA Silicone Gel implant study in the country. I am currently enrolling patients in a new “Post Approval Study” which I kicked off in my clinic last month. If you have questions regarding the study please feel free to call my office.

It has been an exciting time in the world of breast implants. We now have so many GOOD options regarding shapes and sizes to best fit our patient’s expectations and desires. Just last year in March of 2012 the FDA approved the first gel anatomical implant to be available in the market place through a company called Sientra. The approval actually came through the study I was involved in, and we published our 5 year results last November in the ABPS Journal. I have the paper available on my website under articles if you are interested.

I think it’s very important for you as the consumer to understand your options regarding what type of implant is being placed and why. I urge you to choose your Plastic Surgeon wisely, get all your questions answered, and be well informed!

Well, that’s it for today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Jenn

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